Someone impersonated “Elon Musk” to scam again- This time on Facebook

    It’s not a new Modus Operandi of scammers trying to impersonate famous people to scam innocent people. However, when it comes to cryptocurrency scams, the name of Elon Musk is nothing new. Scammers have used his name time and again on twitter using verified accounts to scam people by tricking them into sending them cryptocurrencies with the promise of “doubling the amount”.

    This time Scammers created Facebook page in the name of Elon Musk, trying to trick people into sending them Bitcoin. They created several other verified Facebook pages of celebrities and tried to scam gullible people who would fall for this scam. The post said, “Everyone is asking me for help, and now it’s time. I will double all payments sent to my BTC address for 24 hours.You send $1,000, and you get $2,000 back. B T C address – bc1qs9yl0v8eec883ug929al5cu2zkulcg624g9afd It only happens for a day! Enjoy!”.

    It should be noted that Elon Musk doesn’t use Facebook in the first place.

    One of these pages was also in the name of Georgina Rodriguez, Christiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, a comment was also posted from this particular account on the post of scammers operating blue tick verified Facebook Page , with a screenshot from Blockchain wallet. The comment said,” Thanks Elon, you really doubled the payments!” with a heart emoji. This means they’re trying to manipulate people into believing that this is actually legit, given the supporting comments from verified Facebook pages.

    Comment By Georgina rodriguez

    It seems like Scammers have got their hands on some trick using which they verify their Facebook pages with blue tick, which usually means that particular Facebook account has been verified by Facebook. This service is mostly available for famous pages, people, celebrities, business executives and so on.

    Georgina Rodríguez fake facebook page

    Upon investigating the cryptocurrency addresses Scammers put in the Facebook post, our team found out that some payments had been made, following which scammer deleted initial post because it went viral quickly, drawing some attention of people who identified the scam and started commenting trying to warn other people.

    However a new by fake Elon Musk Facebook post was made again with a new Bitcoin address. Several other supporting comments were made from other non verified accounts and pages in order to convince innocent people into getting scammed. The page has 1,39,000 followers on Facebook while the page in the name of Georgina Rodriguez, famous footballer’s girlfriend has 2,29,000 followers. There is another verified Facebook page in the name Lil Floki lurking in comment section of this post, supposedly a cryptocurrency after the name of dog Elon Musk got few months ago. The intent of this particular page is not very clear. We got the page reported to Facebook but no action has been taken till the time of writing this post.

    Mr Musk has previously spoken out about cryptocurrency scams on Twitter, which have plagued his Twitter account for almost a year. Now this has started on Facebook using his name.

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